We deeply understand how precious your children are to you. It’s not just a matter of trust, but a commitment we take with the utmost seriousness. Our goal is to provide the little ones with conditions that foster their holistic development in the safest and healthiest environment.

The cornerstone of our philosophy is intimacy. Thanks to smaller groups, we can give more attention to each child, tailoring our approach to their individual needs. In such an environment, children grow peacefully while also learning to build relationships with their peers.

Our educational offer is bilingual. Leveraging children’s innate ability to quickly absorb languages, we teach them both Polish and a foreign language. This not only enhances their linguistic abilities but also introduces them to a diversity of cultures and traditions.

The health of our wards is our top priority. We’ve introduced an innovative solution, inspired by the microclimate of the Adriatic. In every room, there are devices that emit air enriched with iodine. Such a microclimate has a beneficial effect on children’s respiratory tracts and skin, alleviates allergy symptoms, and strengthens immunity. Additionally, our menu is based on fresh and local products, providing the little ones with all the essential nutrients.

We don’t let capricious weather interfere with play. That’s why we’ve prepared mini playgrounds in each room, ensuring activity regardless of outdoor conditions. To provide the highest standard of care, we’ve increased the number of caregivers in our nursery.

At “Sunny Buddies”, every day is an unforgettable adventure full of learning, health, and joy!

Tutition1150zł / month (Including the grant from the City Office and the 400 plus support from ZUS)
Food19zł (regular) 20zł (diet)
Starter kit1500zł (year)


ul Czerwonego Prądnika 8/u2 i u3
31-431 Kraków


54 1090 2590 0000 0001 4756 2700