We understand what a big step starting the adventure with preschool is for children and their families. Therefore, we will do everything in our power to make this process as smooth as possible and bring much joy to the children.

At Sunny Buddies, the adaptation process is key and treated very individually. We try to adjust the pace and manner of adaptation to the needs of each child, remembering that this is a unique experience for each of them. Starting with shorter visits, we gradually extend the stay in the kindergarten until the child feels comfortable and safe there.

Parents play a significant role in this process. Cooperation between parents and the kindergarten is crucial for successful adaptation. We recommend that parents talk to the child about kindergarten, show them pictures, tell them about new friends they can meet there, and about the interesting things they will be able to do. This will help the child understand what kindergarten is and what they can expect.

Work at home is just as important. Parents can prepare their child for kindergarten by developing independence and self-reliance. Small steps, such as eating alone, dressing up, or using the toilet, can make a big difference in building a child’s self-confidence.

At Sunny Buddies, we are always available for parents to discuss their concerns and answer questions. Together we discuss the child’s progress and share observations. We value open and honest communication because we believe it is key to building a strong and effective cooperation.

Let’s remember that every child is different and may need more or less time to adapt. Regardless of how long this process lasts, we are always there to support children and their families.

At Sunny Buddies, we have the child’s best interests in mind. Balanced emotional, social, and intellectual development is our priority. That’s why we make sure that our kindergarten is a place where children feel loved, safe, and respected.

We invite you to join our community and discover how much joy learning and playing at Sunny Buddies Preschool can bring. Our committed and caring teaching staff will be happy to welcome you and your children, supporting you in this important phase of life.