Sunny Buddies: Where health, development, and heart come together!

At Sunny Buddies, we believe that a true preschool is more than just a place for learning. It’s a space where your child feels at home, surrounded by love, understanding, and support. Our mission is not solely about education but primarily about nurturing in the spirit of closeness and positive discipline. Instead of the traditional system of punishments and rewards, we emphasize empathy, conversations, and understanding the needs of every little one.

One of our top priorities is the health of our charges. That’s why, in every corner of our preschool, we ensure clean and healthy air. We utilize modern anti-smog filters, and specialized devices create an atmosphere reminiscent of Mediterranean health resorts. This ensures that even in the heart of the city, your child breathes air rich in valuable microelements, including the precious iodine. Seaside air, renowned for its beneficial effects on respiratory tracts and skin, promotes health, alleviates allergy symptoms, and strengthens the immune system.

We also prioritize healthy nutrition. Our menu offers a daily dose of freshness, brimming with local and natural products. After all, a healthy body is the foundation for a healthy mind!

But what would a preschool be without learning? At Sunny Buddies, every day is a language lesson – both in Polish and in another language. Moreover, our team in every preschool room consists of a Polish language teacher, a bilingual teacher, and a native speaker. This ensures our little ones have daily contact with languages at the highest level, opening doors to a world of multilingualism.

At Sunny Buddies, we approach education holistically, drawing inspiration from various tried-and-tested teaching methods. Key pillars of our philosophy include Waldorf and Montessori pedagogies, which focus on:

  • Child’s Independence – spaces are tailored to children’s needs and sizes, allowing them to act and explore on their own.
  • Sensory Education – utilizing specially designed materials that engage the child’s senses in the learning process.
  • Role of the Teacher as a Guide – instead of traditional teaching, the teacher observes and supports each child’s individual needs.
  • Holism – viewing the child’s development in a comprehensive manner, encompassing body, soul, and spirit.
  • Daily Rhythms – regularity and repetition in activities help children feel secure.
  • Education through Art – music, drawing, and theater are integral parts of daily learning.

In addition, we also draw from many other educational systems, selecting from each what we believe to be the most valuable. This has allowed us to craft the unique SunnyBuddies learning system, combining the best from various educational methods, tailored to the needs and capabilities of our charges.

At Sunny Buddies, we not only educate but, above all, we nurture. We ensure that every child feels loved, understood, and valued with us. After all, education is not just about knowledge but primarily about the development of the heart and character. We invite you to join the Sunny Buddies family, where every day is a new adventure in the world of learning, play, and mutual respect!

At Sunny Buddies we focus on:

  • Professional pedagogical care, thanks to which children develop in a healthy way.
  • Friendly, family atmosphere that helps children feel at home.
  • Closeness and understanding.
  • Development of manual and movement skills, through which children can discover their talents and passions.
  • The safety of children, which is our priority.
  • Variety of creative games and activities that help children develop their imagination and creativity.