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Nowy Sącz


Tutitionpreschool 1200zł / month | nursery 1650zł / month
Food18zł (regular) 19zł (diet)
Starter kit1000zł (year)

Our preschool is located in the charming Korona building, located at Krańcowa 13 Street. This space offers three comfortable preschool rooms and one nursery room, dedicated to a small group of 10 toddlers. In total, our facility can accommodate up to 75 children, providing them with comfortable and safe conditions for learning, playing, and development.

However, the real heart of our facility beats on the roof of the building, where we have created a true oasis of joy and fun for our wards. This place is nothing else but a large, creatively designed playground, a pool perfect for cooling down on hot days, and a spacious green area, full of diverse vegetation.

There is also a relaxing chill-out zone, where under the pergola are comfortable loungers, perfect for rest and moments of respite. The completion of this spatial paradise is a grill, a sandbox, and a charming garden with vegetables and fruits. It is there that our little explorers have the opportunity for independent cultivation of plants, observation of their growth, and harvesting.

Whenever weather conditions allow it, we like to use the nearby park, as well as the largest playground in Nowy Sącz, at Nadbrzeżna Street. All this is to give children the opportunity to learn about the world around them, while playing and learning through direct experiences. This facility is proof that a space for play and learning can be safe, developmental, and full of adventures and discoveries at the same time.


ul. Krańcowa 13
33-300 Nowy Sąćz


32 1090 2590 0000 0001 4786 5542

Nowy Sącz

Krańcowa 13 (Budynek Korona)
33-300 Nowy Sącz

Open since: 2021 rok

Opening hours:
Poniedziałek – Piątek 7:00 – 17:00

Dyrektor placówki:
Klaudia Ogórek

mail: ns@sunnybuddies.pl
tel.: 733 905 905