The Sunny Buddies network of preschools and nurseries is a pioneering educational institution that seeks to redefine the understanding of upbringing and education processes. Our facilities promote a holistic and balanced approach to child development, combining the latest pedagogical trends with innovative health solutions.

The aim of Sunny Buddies is to educate young minds in a bilingual environment, giving every child the opportunity to develop language skills at the highest level. For this reason, native speakers work in each of our rooms, allowing for full immersion in the language environment. This practice gives our pupils the opportunity to communicate freely in two languages from an early age.

We care about the health of our wards, which is why we create conditions comparable to a health resort at Sunny Buddies. Thanks to special devices, we maintain a microclimate similar to that over the sea in each room. We believe that such an atmosphere not only positively affects the physical well-being of children but also fosters concentration and creative thinking.

At Sunny Buddies, we apply an educational approach based on closeness, love, understanding, and respect. We reject the concept of punishments and rewards, focusing instead on developing empathy, emotion management skills, and building healthy relationships. We believe that a child develops best in an environment where they feel safe, accepted, and understood.

Our preschools and nurseries are equipped with their own playgrounds, which are available for children every day – as long as the weather allows. We believe that contact with nature and outdoor activity are essential for a child’s proper development, both physically and emotionally.

Sunny Buddies is a place that offers children rich experiences, support, and the tools necessary for developing their individual talents and abilities. We are convinced that through our integrated approach to education and health, we can help our pupils become healthy, happy, and comprehensively developed individuals. Our mission is to create a space where every child feels loved, respected, and understood – a space that will become the foundation for their further development.