Kindergarten 2025 – Enrollment Now Open

We are thrilled to announce that enrollments for the 2025 school year at Sunny Buddies are now open! This new facility, our second in Krakow located at ul. Konopczyńskiego 15, has been designed to create the perfect conditions for the comprehensive development and education of our young charges.

In our nursery, where learning intermingles with play to create a warm and friendly atmosphere, each of our spacious classrooms is led by a team of experienced educators: a Polish language teacher, a bilingual teacher, and a native English speaker. This synergy ensures a daily natural immersion in a bilingual environment, supporting the linguistic and cultural development of the children.

Our nursery also boasts a large 250 m² playground that provides a safe and stimulating environment for developing motor skills, coordination, and social abilities. For a complete balance between activity and relaxation, we have also created a special chill-out zone that serves as a peaceful retreat for our little ones to unwind after playtime.

We place great importance on nurturing closeness and understanding children’s emotions. At Sunny Buddies, we do not use traditional rewards and punishments; instead, we focus on developing emotional and social skills through empathy and mutual respect. In such an environment, every child feels seen, understood, and accepted, allowing for the full development of their potential.

We also remember the need for contact with nature; therefore, whenever the weather permits, we go outside often, even twice a day. Our outdoor activities allow children to enjoy the benefits of fresh air, while indoor playgrounds in each classroom ensure that activity can continue even in less favorable weather conditions.

We encourage you to join our warm and nurturing Sunny Buddies community for the upcoming school year. To reserve a spot for your child, simply fill out the registration form available at the link below.

Join us and give your child the best possible start in life!

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Tutition1550zł / month
Food19zł (regular) 20zł (diet)
Starter kit1500zł (year)


ul Czerwonego Prądnika 8/u2 i u3
31-431 Kraków


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