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Kraków Podgórze

We invite you to our kindergarten and nursery located at Walerego Sławka 9 in Krakow. As one of the four facilities in our network, Sunny Buddies offers unique conditions for the development and education of children from 9 months to 6 years old. In our facility, we combine modern educational methods with a close approach, allowing children to develop in a bilingual and multicultural environment, with love and understanding of emotions.

What do we offer?

  • Diverse themed rooms: Our preschool features two preschool rooms, one nursery room, and a specially equipped room for working with children with developmental challenges.
  • Adriatic microclimate: All rooms are equipped with special devices that mimic the health properties of seaside air, rich in iodine, which positively affects children’s health.

Bilingual and Multicultural Environment:

Our preschool is a nurturing place that educates children in a bilingual, multicultural environment. We offer immersion in English throughout the day, allowing children to naturally and effectively acquire a new language in everyday situations. This helps children develop communication skills that are crucial in today’s global society. Bilingualism not only broadens cultural horizons but also enhances cognitive flexibility and problem-solving abilities.

Staff and Educational Methods:

Each room in our preschool is led by a three-person teaching team, consisting of bilingual teachers and native English speakers. Such professionals are present with the children throughout the day, ensuring deep immersion in English in natural communicative contexts.

Outdoor play areas and healthy nutrition also remain key aspects of our offerings, ensuring harmonious physical and intellectual development of the children.

Why Sunny Buddies?

Choosing Sunny Buddies Preschool means selecting a facility that cares about every detail, and the happiness of our charges is our priority. We introduce modern and innovative approaches to education, and our commitment to the development of each child makes us a unique place on the educational map of Krakow.


Tutitionpreschool 1550zł / month | nursery 1zł / month (maluchPLUS)
Food22zł (regular) 24zł (diet)
Starter kit1500zł (year)

30-633 Kraków
11 1020 2892 0000 5302 0913 7995

Kraków – Podgórze

Walerego Sławka 9
30-383 Kraków

Open since: 2024 rok

Opening hours:
Poniedziałek – Piątek 7:00 – 17:30

Dyrektor placówki:
Beata Wróbel

mail: podgorze@sunnybuddies.pl
tel.: 790 536 300