Beata Wróbel

I have been working as a teacher for over 10 years. It is my passion. I am a preschool and English teacher. In teaching I work to combine my practice with the knowledge, I have gained during many studies, courses, workshops and conferences. I am a big fan of positive discipline approach.
Working with children is an amazing adventure as well as a great challenge. Human development since the earliest age greatly fascinates me, and the chance to watch the changes in children when they grow encourages me even more to be around them.
Children teach me being spontaneous, open, careful. They never fail to see the beauty of the world. I highly recommend for everyone to see the world through the eyes of a child, even for a moment. Trust me, it’s more beautiful that you could ever imagine.

Konrad Syga

I am the founder and creator of Sunny Buddies. The sea microclimate idea came when my son was born and we found out that he has skin allergies. Visits to the sea or in the health resorts were very helpful to him. I realized that the best idea when living in a big, polluted city is to create a preschool which combines the highest quality teaching ideas with the Adriatic microclimate. This is how the first such place in the world (Sunny Buddies) was created. A preschool which is unique and one of a kind.

Gabriela Stachoń

A graduate of Pre-School and Early School Education at the Pedagogical University of Krakow in the process of obtaining qualifications to teach English in kindergarten and grades 1-3. She has over 7 years of experience in working with children, both in state and private institutions. Her additional qualifications include Logorytmics, Dalton Pedagogy and broadly understood Animations for children. Fan and graduate of Positive Discipline training and School for Parents and Educators. She is creative and open to looking for solutions, loves being in nature, traveling and spending time actively. In every possible way, she tries to “infect” children with her passions and create an environment in which they will discover and experience the world themselves, while gaining knowledge.


Hello! I am Maggie. I am a new teacher to the Buzzy Bee’s room. I am from Fort Pierce, Florida but grew up spending many of my summers in Lesser-Poland. I always dreamed of living in Poland, so I recently decided to do so. This has led me to SunnyBuddies Ruczaj! I speak completely fluent/master in English (level C2) and can speak conversational Polish (somewhere between levels B2 and C1). My experience starts in 2018 working with Boys and Girls Club of St. Lucie County in Florida (a Nonprofit organization that works with youth ages 5-18). There I worked as a before-care and aftercare specialist, and a club director. I have also worked in multiple schools as an elementary substitute teacher, mostly working with kindergarten students in a full-time role.


My name is Natalia, I am a graduate of the Pedagogical University. I obtained a master’s degree in pedagogy with a specialization in resocialization. Working with children is a great pleasure and rich experience for me. I am an open, caring person, always smiling. I devote my free time to strength training, climbing, mountain trekking and traveling.


Nursing student and free time animator. She likes spending time in an active way, e.g. dancing. Her passion since childhood is singing and playing the guitar.


A graduate in psychology with Spanish. She gained experience with children in Spain, and spent her entire childhood in Ireland, thanks to this she prefers English to Polish. She is an oasis of peace and patience. She enjoys working with children, because she can actively make a contribution to their development.


Hi, I’m Aina and I’m form Barcelona, Spain. I moved to Poland in search of a new personal experience and to discover how is living out of my “confort zone”.I carried out studies related to the educational field, leading me to achieve the monitor acreditation and, currently studying a law degree. At the same time, I worked in a school in Barcelona as a lunchroom and free time monitor. Working with children is how I discovered my passion for them, what I love of this profession is that they learn from me but also I learn from them, apart from their innocence, spontaneity and creativity among other things.I consider myself to be a caring, responsible and cheerful person but at the same time, creative and motivated in order to do everything as better as I can! In free time I love playing tennis, skiing and travelling.


My name is Gabriela and I am one of the babysitters in the Buzzy Bees group. I’m a graduate of Chemistry at the Rzeszów University of Technology. Despite my chemical education, my heart is devoted to children. I’m an patient and understanding person, I listen to what children have to say and I help them solve their every problem. I spend my free time traveling and walking my dog. In addition to children, my heart also holds a huge love for animals.


My name is Erizza, a Professional English teacher from the Philippines, a nation often referred to as the “Pearl of the Orient Seas.” I hold two college degrees, namely a Bachelor of Science in Broadcasting and a Professional Teaching Certificate. I’m also certified to teach English as a foreign language. With almost five years of teaching experience across various age groups, I have developed a strong foundation in my field. My professional interests encompass several areas. Firstly, I am particularly drawn to play-based learning methods that foster the development of social and language skills. Secondly, I believe in the effectiveness of experiential learning, which allows individuals to explore their abilities, discover new skills, and engage in higher-order thinking. Lastly, I am an advocate of employing positive guidance and discipline techniques to encourage appropriate behavior among students. When working with children, I place significant emphasis on establishing trust and earning their respect. I firmly believe that building a robust relationship with my students is indispensable to the teaching and learning process. Outside of my professional endeavors, I take pleasure in engaging in personal hobbies such as reading history, watching documentaries, and playing badminton.


Hello, I’m Esiayo, and I am passionate and dedicated to children. My experience in teaching in Africa has allowed me to acquire pedagogical skills and a deeper understanding of children’s needs. I value collaboration with others and always strive to expand my knowledge and relationships with children. My passions, such as exploring new places and making a positive impact on children’s lives, keep me motivated every day. I provide joy, support, and inspiring learning for your little ones.


My name is Klaudia, I am a graduate of the Pedagogical University and the Ignatianum Academy, where I obtained a Master’s degree in the field of Childcare in Montessori Pedagogy. For several years I have been working with children of all ages, but my heart is devoted to the youngest. In my work, I try to introduce the principles of Montessori pedagogy. I’ve also created her own sensory book. I like to spend my free time on trips to the mountains and traveling.


My name is Nikita. I am an Indian by ethnicity. I have completed my Masters in the field of Science ( Biomedical Technology) along with a degree in the field of Education. I moved to Kraków in 2019 with my family and I am grateful for all the love and warmth received so far by everyone in this city. I am a teacher by profession and zentangle artist by passion. As much as I love teaching and being around children; vibrant colours, ink and pen are my favourite tools. I feel teaching gives me strength to connect with beautiful minds around me. Filled with innocence and playfulness, I myself feel young at heart. I believe with love and patience one can win little hearts. Children are pure joy of life, who give unconditional love to everyone around them


My name is Marina, I am from Ukraine and I am a mother of two daughters. I love taking care of children, I am impressed by their spontaneity, creativity, openness and positive approach to life. It gives me joy to have the opportunity to approach children individually, to find a common thread of understanding and bond. I am a patient, sensible and responsible person with a great heart for every child. I love classical music, nature and animals, I would like to teach children the ability to respect and admire nature which I love so much.