Natural Bilingualism

At Sunny Buddies, we introduce the youngest ones to the fascinating world of natural bilingualism every day, opening the doors to their development and discovery of countless possibilities.

Natural bilingualism is a process in which a child interacts with two languages on a daily basis. It is not the result of a forced academic approach, but a natural immersion in an environment where both languages are equally important. In our kindergarten, children are surrounded by both Polish and English languages every day.

Applying natural bilingualism in kindergarten has many advantages. First of all, bilingual children usually show better problem-solving skills and perform tasks requiring flexible thinking. This may result from the fact that they have to learn to switch between two language systems, which stimulates the development of their executive functions.

Additionally, bilingualism supports children’s social skills. By learning different languages, children also learn about different cultures, which allows them to better understand and respect diversity. Furthermore, research shows that bilingual children have greater empathy and are better at understanding others’ points of view.

It should be remembered that natural bilingualism is an investment in the child’s future. We live in an increasingly global world, where knowledge of more than one language is becoming an essential asset. Bilingualism opens the door to new educational and professional opportunities in the future.

Also, learning a second language at a young age is easier. Children have a natural ability to learn languages, which gradually fades with age. Therefore, it is important to take advantage of this opportunity as early as possible.

We want our kindergarten to be a place where your child will feel safe and be able to develop its natural abilities. We believe that natural bilingualism is one of the keys to future success, and we are pleased to guide your child through this process. We invite you to discover the benefits of natural bilingualism with us!