We emphasize that career development is a continuous journey, not a one-time event. For this reason, we provide our teams with continuous opportunities for growth, improvement, and learning. We believe that investing in the skills and competencies of our teaching staff directly translates into the quality of education we provide to the children under our care.

Broad Educational Opportunities

As a learning culture organization, we offer a rich selection of accredited courses and trainings. These educational tools aim to develop your skills and enable you to fulfill your professional potential through continuous development.

Your Path to Success with Our Support

We approach personal development from the perspective of your unique talents. We give you the space to let them flourish. Do you have a desire for transformation? Ambitions to achieve more? We are on the same track! We support the aspirations of our employees at every stage of their career, from intern to director. We set no limits for your development!

Your First Steps in Our Team

We treat every new employee as a guest who comes to our home. We want you to feel comfortable and integrate with the team. For new team members, we have prepared a special internal training program that will help you understand the philosophy and way Sunny Buddies operates. In addition, every new employee can count on the support of a designated mentor.

Your Individual Mentor

In our organization, every employee has their own personal mentor, who is always ready to help, share their knowledge and experience. Our experts are here to support you in daily tasks, answer questions and provide valuable advice. The value of knowledge and experience exchange is priceless to us, hence coaching and mentoring are key elements of our organizational culture.