We understand that you entrust us with your most precious treasure – your children. This is a great responsibility, and we are fully aware of it. That’s why we make every effort to provide them with the safest and healthiest conditions for development.

First and foremost, we prioritize intimacy. Our groups are small, allowing for an individual approach to each of our little explorers. This means that in each group, there are more caregivers per child, ensuring even greater safety and care. We create an intimate space that allows for upbringing in a calm, safe atmosphere, while also providing the opportunity to develop social skills.

At Sunny Buddies, we believe in attachment parenting. This means that every child is treated with love, understanding, and respect. We reject methods of punishment and rewards, instead focusing on positive discipline, which helps children understand the consequences of their behavior in an empathetic and constructive way.

Every day, our little ones immerse themselves in a bilingual environment, which is an invaluable benefit for their linguistic development. We utilize children’s natural ability to absorb new languages, teaching them both Polish and a foreign language. What’s more, native speakers work in our rooms throughout the day, ensuring that children have daily contact with a foreign language at the highest level.

We also care about the healthy development of our charges. All rooms in our nursery are equipped with special devices that create a microclimate resembling the Adriatic air, rich in precious iodine. Such air has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract, skin, and overall health of children. Seaside air is known to alleviate allergy symptoms, support the treatment of skin diseases, and strengthen the immune system. Additionally, to ensure the healthiest environment possible, our facility is equipped with anti-smog filters, ensuring that the air our children breathe is clean and free from harmful pollutants. If the weather doesn’t allow for outdoor activities, no problem! In each room, we have indoor mini playgrounds, allowing the little ones to play and burn energy regardless of weather conditions. Moreover, the catering in our nursery is based on natural and local products, which are crucial for the healthy development of our little ones.

At Sunny Buddies Nursery, every day is a new adventure, full of health, joy, and learning! We invite you to visit us and see for yourself the uniqueness of our offer!

We focus on the natural development of each child, taking care of:

  • Professional pedagogical care, which allows for adequate support for the individual needs of each child.
  • Family-friendly and friendly atmosphere, which helps children feel safe and comfortable.
  • Development of manual and movement skills, enabling children to discover their talents.
  • Children’s safety, which is our priority.
  • Variety of creative games and activities that develop children’s imagination and creativity.