Why us

Sunny Buddies is a unique place where your child discovers and develops their talents in a friendly, ecological, and bilingual environment. In our preschools and nurseries, each child is treated as a unique, valuable individual with unique interests and abilities. To meet these needs, we offer an individualized approach to education that is free from punishments and rewards, focusing on respect, love, and closeness.

We create conditions that foster unrestrained development, following the child, their interests, and pace of learning. We believe that learning should be a natural process, not a top-down obligation. Each of our rooms is staffed by native speakers, making our preschools a truly bilingual environment.

A key element of our philosophy is the health of our pupils. All our rooms are equipped with special devices that create the Adriatic microclimate, contributing to the improvement of the children’s well-being and health. Health is not only physical well-being but also emotional balance, which we strive to maintain by creating an atmosphere full of respect, love, and closeness.

Our team consists of professionals who are friendly, qualified, and enthusiastic about working with children. When your child joins our Sunny Buddies community, they will have a teaching staff dedicated to providing everything they need to develop and learn in the way that suits them best.

Meals at Sunny Buddies are carefully selected and prepared from locally sourced ingredients. Our mission is to provide children with healthy and balanced nutrition, which provides them with all the necessary nutrients needed for proper development.

Our preschools and nurseries are strategically located in convenient locations, each with access to green spaces. We understand the importance of contact with nature for a child’s proper development, so we ensure that each of our children has daily access to fresh air and movement.

At Sunny Buddies, we cultivate values of multiculturalism, openness, and tolerance. We believe that by exposing children to different cultures and traditions, we can help them become more open, understand diversity, and learn to respect differences. For us, each child is unique and valuable, and our goal is for them to feel loved, respected, and understood.