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Kraków Prądnik


Tutition1650zł / month
Food19zł (regular) 20zł (diet)
Starter kit1500zł (year)

Our flagship facility, located in the heart of Krakow at Czerwonego Prądnika 8, is not only the beginning of our journey but also a symbol of our passion and commitment to the education of the youngest. Here, surrounded by four thoughtfully designed preschool rooms, every child has the opportunity to experience the unique Adriatic microclimate. Thanks to special devices, our rooms mimic the health benefits of seaside air, which is not only free from smog but also has a positive impact on children’s health.

Seaside air is rich in iodine, essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid and the overall development of the body. Regularly inhaling iodine-saturated air supports the respiratory system, alleviates symptoms of asthma and allergies, and also accelerates wound healing and improves skin condition. Children exposed to such air often experience fewer respiratory and skin issues.

Each room is unique, but all share a consistent color scheme and equipment that promotes development and play. Mini playgrounds and professional sound systems ensure excellent sound quality and an atmosphere conducive to learning.

The outdoor space offers a playground, a picturesque garden with plants, and a spacious park, which is an ideal place to spend time actively on sunny days.

We ensure that each of our 77 little explorers, aged 2.5 to 6 years, receives individual attention. That’s why in each of the four groups there is a three-person teaching team: a Polish language teacher, a bilingual educator, and a native English speaker who accompanies the children throughout the day. This guarantees language immersion and an intimate learning atmosphere.

Education in our facility is based on the principles of positive discipline, in the spirit of closeness, respect, and understanding of emotions. We reject punishments and rewards, focusing instead on bilingualism and building relationships based on mutual trust and understanding.

We also prioritize healthy nutrition. We collaborate with a local catering provider who delivers fresh, tasty meals prepared from products sourced from local suppliers every day. This ensures that our little ones receive nutritious and healthy meals.

Our facility is not just a place of education, but above all a space where we strive for excellence, paying attention to every detail to ensure the highest quality of services for our young charges.


ul Czerwonego Prądnika 8/u2 i u3
31-431 Kraków


54 1090 2590 0000 0001 4756 2700

Kraków – Prądnik

Czerwonego Prądnika 8/u2 i u3,
31-431 Kraków

Open since: 2020 rok

Opening hours:
Poniedziałek – Piątek 7:00 – 17:30

Dyrektor placówki:
Beata Wróbel

mail: hello@sunnybuddies.pl
tel.: 884 700 401