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Beata Wróbel

I have been working as a teacher for over 10 years. It is my passion. I am a preschool and English teacher. In teaching I work to combine my practice with the knowledge, I have gained during many studies, courses, workshops and conferences. I am a big fan of positive discipline approach.
Working with children is an amazing adventure as well as a great challenge. Human development since the earliest age greatly fascinates me, and the chance to watch the changes in children when they grow encourages me even more to be around them.
Children teach me being spontaneous, open, careful. They never fail to see the beauty of the world. I highly recommend for everyone to see the world through the eyes of a child, even for a moment. Trust me, it’s more beautiful that you could ever imagine.

Konrad Syga

I am the founder and creator of Sunny Buddies. The sea microclimate idea came when my son was born and we found out that he has skin allergies. Visits to the sea or in the health resorts were very helpful to him. I realized that the best idea when living in a big, polluted city is to create a preschool which combines the highest quality teaching ideas with the Adriatic microclimate. This is how the first such place in the world (Sunny Buddies) was created. A preschool which is unique and one of a kind.

Klaudia Ogórek

A pedagouge by profession, a teacher by passion. I have several years of experience in working with youth, during which I have focused most of my attention on solving the problems that affects young people most. I am invariably intrested in the subject of sociotherapy and social communication. I believe listening is not enough, you have to be able to hear what others have to say. The most important thing in raising a valuable man is acceptance, understanding, kindness and the ability to give. By giving from ourselves we gain. What kind of person am I? Frank, empathic, persistent and authentic in everything I do. I am eager to take on new challenges. Working with children is a challenge and an adventure which allows me to see the world from a completely different perspective.

Karolina Groń

My name is Karolina Groń. I graduated the pre-school and early school education with pedagogical therapy. I am interested in animation of children. It’s fun and gives a lot energy. My passion is dancing and singing. I have danced in a folk band for thirteen years.

Dominika Niepsuj

I am a preschool teacher and early school education. I also graduated in pedagogical therapy and I am still receiving training. Many courses and trainings also allowed me to expand my knowledge. Working with children allows me to constantly confront theory and practice. Working at kindergarten, made me realize that I can learn from children, help them develop and accompany them while discovering the world. When I’m working with the youngest, I try to use elements of nature, so that even in the preschool environment, children can experience the world around them. I also love creating art and craft with them, because the smile which never disappears from a child's face is priceless

Paulina Hruby

Master of Economics by education. Privately incorrect optimist, amateur of good coffee, in constant rush, mother of 3 kids. When I started my own family, I knew that working with children is my calling and a source of extraordinary energy. It accompanies me for 4 years of work and allows to enjoy every day spent with them. Child’s smile as well as his educational success are an honorable reward for me.

Agnieszka Jurkowska

I am responsible, committed and truely appreciate working witch children. I feel great satisfaction with each of their achievements, successes even the smallest one. I graduated from BA studies in Łódź and MA studies in Warsaw. I have completed many trainings and courses on various facility related topics which broaden my knowledge. I have 8 years of profesional experience working with bilingual children as a preschool teacher as well as speech terapist at Polish school in Ireland. In my master’s thesis entitled; „ Bilingualism of 7-years-old children in a Polish school in Ireland” I examined the language skills of pupils. That master degree project was an extremely valuable experience and showed that children can easily learn language quickly and their lerning proces occurs very often spontaneously throughout interaction with other people. Bilingualism is not just about knowing a second language, it is about two worlds that work together to achieve more and be capable of seeing richer world.

Paulina Kruczek

My name is Paulina. I graduated in sociology from the University of Silesia. Work experience with the youngest I gained working as a baby-sitter and as a kindergarten assistant in a private institution. Later I worked as a teacher assistant in rehabilitation and educational groups in Nowy Sącz. I acquired theoretical knowledge during different training courses for child carers. In my private life I am a pet lover and I have two cats and a dog.

Marzena Wrona

I hold a BA Degree in Pedagogy, Primary Education with English. I also hold qualifications in Paediatric First Aid, Health and Hygiene, Safeguarding Practice, Promoting positive behaviour, Improving Children's learning through play, etc. I take a great deal of pride in seeing children grow into confident, independent individuals. I am passionate about learning/teaching through play. I am really proud to be a part of a first class team that nurtures every child's ability to reach their full potential.




Summer CAMP 2021
The First English Summer Camp with an Adriatic Microclimate in Nowy Sacz!

Jump in your favourite costumes and pop into Sunny Buddies! 24.10.2020. 15:00-18:00 Attractions: Air rich...

The First English Summer Camp with an Adriatic Microclimate in Krakow 24.08.- 28.08. 2020 Age:...


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