Enrolment to kindergarten is open throughout the year, on condition that there are places available in the groups.

The preschool accepts students from the age of 3, provided that they are potty-trained and able to signal their physiological needs. In justified cases, students aged 2,5 can be admitted to the kindergarten, too.

A copy of the student’s birth certificate is necessary for enrolment.

You can book a place at the Sunny Buddies kindergarten by filling in the form:

Sunny Buddies registration form

I want to enroll my child in

1. Child information

2. Dane osobowe rodziców / opiekunów

Parent 1/ Guardian 1

Parent 2/ Guardian 2

3. Child’s health information

Does your child suffer from any allergies?

Does your child follow a specific diet?

Does your child have any disabilities confirmed with a document ?


4. Child pick up form

Please list below the names of people who may pick up your child from preschool

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