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Beata Wróbel

I have been working as a teacher for over 10 years. It is my passion. I am a preschool and English teacher. In teaching I work to combine my practice with the knowledge, I have gained during many studies, courses, workshops and conferences. I am a big fan of positive discipline approach.
Working with children is an amazing adventure as well as a great challenge. Human development since the earliest age greatly fascinates me, and the chance to watch the changes in children when they grow encourages me even more to be around them.
Children teach me being spontaneous, open, careful. They never fail to see the beauty of the world. I highly recommend for everyone to see the world through the eyes of a child, even for a moment. Trust me, it’s more beautiful that you could ever imagine.

Konrad Syga

I am the founder and creator of Sunny Buddies. The sea microclimate idea came when my son was born and we found out that he has skin allergies. Visits to the sea or in the health resorts were very helpful to him. I realized that the best idea when living in a big, polluted city is to create a preschool which combines the highest quality teaching ideas with the Adriatic microclimate. This is how the first such place in the world (Sunny Buddies) was created. A preschool which is unique and one of a kind.

Justyna Kramarz

Krakow is my hometown and here I graduated the Secondary Music School in the rhythmic class and the theater studies at the Jagiellonian University. Music was and still is my great passion, so I decided to expand my education at the Krakow Academy of Music in the field of music therapy. I also obtained qualifications to teach English. For many years I have been educating children, using my passions: music, theater and English in my didactic work.

Kamila Kania

I am a speech therapist by education. I started working in my leisure time as an animator and babysitter, and realized that I saw myself in the future working with kids. I love working with children, both individually in the office and as a group. It's interesting to observe their behavior, problem-solving methods, and communication with other peers. I believe that I can learn more from children than I can from adults.

Weronika Kobiera

My name is Weronika. I am a babysitter and I am studying psychology. I’ve always loved working with kids, and babysitting gives me a lot of joy that’s why I decided to connect passion with work. I aim to become a child psychologist and pedagogist in the future.

Joanna Chrobot
Support teacher

I graduated school in the field of childcare. While thinking about a place to work, I have started my adventure with the early years education and found out that it’s my dream come true. I’m passionate, committed, patient and this features I want to share working with kids. I didn’t expect that such a small human, can give me so much joy. I’m very excited to have the possibility to be a part of the preschool life. I want to infect the kids with my open- mindedness, energy and optimism. Watching them grow and develop, helping them knowing the world better, make me feel professionally fulfilled and work is my pure pleasure.

Krystal Gonzalez

I've worked 8 years as an English and Spanish teacher to elementary and high school students and for the last 4 years I have been working as a preschool teacher. When I first came to Kraków a few years ago as a Native English and Spanish speaker I had no idea of the joys being around children could bring to my life. Though children depend on me to teach them and guide them, I have also come to rely on them to show me the small wonders of the world that we often forget as we grow up and get caught up in the world around us. I am thankful that I have found myself in a place where children are allowed to learn and explore at their own pace and also are able to show the adults around them the childlike wonders of our lives.

Nkwentieu Suika
English and French Native Speaker

I`m Nkwentieu Suika and I come from Cameroon precisely in West Africa. I was a teacher in a secondary school for 2 years before I came to Krakow some months ago.It has been and is a very interesting experience working with children, though it can be a bit challenging. I am very energetic, enthusiastic and a great team player. I am eager and ready to have new experiences with kids from Sunny Buddies because no single day with them is the same, each day increases and brings a great sense of creativity, joy and endless energy

Patrycja Myrda

I am an English teacher. Creativity, openness and positive attitude are the aspects of my professional work that I primarily focus on. When working with children, what I value most is their spontaneity, honesty and their irresistibility in exploring the world. I find that contact with children makes each day a new positive experience and a chance to see the world from a more optimistic perspective. Botany, elements of which I try to implement in my didactic work, and methodology of teaching foreign languages are also in the spectrum of my interests.

Urszula Zawadzka

I'm studying polish philology with a teaching specialization. I always dreamed about imparting knowledge to students. During my studies I learnt the importance of early childhood development and I wanted to work with the youngest. I have multiple interests that I’m happy to use in work with kids. I love dancing, painting, and playing the ukulele. I think the comprehensive development help children to find their way in the future. I believe that time spent with children brings joy, but primarily it gives amazing experiences.


My name is Gabrysia. I study pedagogy. My biggest dream is to create a similarly incredible place like Sunny Buddies In the future. Working with children motivates me a lot. Assisting and observing the growth and learning processes from the youngest age is an amazing experience. I am creative, empathic, patient, I also am a great listener and helper.

Katarzyna Czajowska

My name is Katarzyna Czajowska, I received my pedagogical education at the Pedagogical University in Krakow and at the Krakow Academy, where I graduated from early school pedagogy with English as well as inclusive and social and caring pedagogy. I gained professional experience working in schools and in local and private kindergartens, as an educator and English teacher. I am a person full of optimism, passion and willingness to act, I try to make the children I work with create a group of friends, so that they come to kindergarten with a smile and feel comfortable there. Working with children is a challenge for me, but also a source of satisfaction and joy. When working with kids, the words of Janusz Korczak are important to me: "If you know how to diagnose a child's joy and its intensity, you must see that the highest joy is in the overcome difficulties, the achieved goal, the discovered mystery. The joy of triumph and the happiness of independence, self-control and dominion"

Jocelyn Gulbin

I am Jocelyn Gulbin,  originally from Philippines,its been always passion for me working with children and as a mother I am loving caring. In my 9 years of experience being surrounded with children, I love how much they can change in everyday life .Working with kids is always such a joy. Imaginative, curious, and forever providing a new way to look at the world. These are just  a few of the many qualities that kids have and these are just a few of the things that make childcare the most rewarding job I have ever had.Thank you Sunny Buddies for giving me such great opportunities to continue my journey with you.




Summer CAMP 2021
The First English Summer Camp with an Adriatic Microclimate in Kraków!

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The First English Summer Camp with an Adriatic Microclimate in Krakow 24.08.- 28.08. 2020 Age:...


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