We have created this unique place, so that your child can grow and develop in a healthy, friendly, eco and safe environment. We bring up children with closeness, with no rewards or punishment, and in a surrounding environment of love, respect, understanding, and everyday contact with English

Our child carers are experienced and bilingual, they follow children, recognise their needs and support their development.

In each of the groups there are also native English speakers, who are present every day to introduce children into the world of the second language in a natural way, through fun, games and organized activities.

The happiness of children has always been part of the genesis of Sunny Buddies, therefore, apart from the approach of closeness in upbringing, we also take care of the health aspect. The air in the entire nursery is pure, completely smog-free and contains precious seaside elements.

How is it possible? In each of the rooms, specially designed devices that allow us to obtain an Adriatic microclimate. The air is rich with elements such as iodine, bromine, calcium, potassium, iron and sodium. The effects? Less diseases of the upper respiratory tract, better skin condition, and help with the treatment of allergies. At Sunny Buddies, we have combined a first-class upbringing with a kind of health centre.

We also care about what our children eat, so meals are based on products from local suppliers, and are regularly inspected by us. We exclude sugar and sweets from the diets! and during the day we drink a looooot of water.

Every day we go outside (we have our own green space belonging to the nursery – 250 m2), and when the weather does not allow it, we use specially designed indoor playgrounds, so that the children can boost their energy. Come, see – we are here for you.

What do we offer?

Friendly Staff

Healthy diet

English classes

Convenient location

Safety and care



"Let the children be free; encourage them; let them run outside when it is raining, let them shout and laugh when the sun wakes them in the morning…" M.M.


Summer CAMP 2021
The First English Summer Camp with an Adriatic Microclimate in Kraków!

Jump in your favourite costumes and pop into Sunny Buddies! 24.10.2020. 15:00-18:00 Attractions: Air rich...

The First English Summer Camp with an Adriatic Microclimate in Krakow 24.08.- 28.08. 2020 Age:...


Konopczyńskiego 15
30-383 Kraków


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